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A Note to our Customers: was acquired in Fall 2014, and the NoteSuite product has been discontinued.

Users of NoteSuite can export their notes through the NoteSuite Export Tool, which is available for free for iPad on the App Store. This tool exports NoteSuite notes into a variety of non-proprietary formats that can be imported into other apps.

Please see the support section of this website for more information.

iPad Note
Any Kind of Notes

Capture almost any kind of information or idea on any page. Type with different fonts, draw with beautiful ink, shrink handwriting to fit on pages, take photos, make lists, create to-dos, and record audio. NoteSuite even links drawings and photos to nearby text, so they stay together while you edit your text.


Complete To-do Manager

NoteSuite makes it easy to organize everything you need to do. Capture to-dos within notes or to-do lists — NoteSuite can show you a master list of all your to-dos, just those that need your attention today, or only to-dos associated with a particular tag or project. NoteSuite also lets you set reminders for both due dates and start dates, create sub-lists for projects, set up repeating to-dos, and much more.

Click here for more about managing to-dos >

iPad To-do


iPad Annotate
Annotate Almost Anything

Highlight, mark up, and sign almost anything in your notebook. Annotate PDFs, photos, and web clips directly, and convert MS Office and iWork files to PDF documents safely offline so they can be annotated. Type, draw, highlight, strike-through, add comment balloons, create bookmarks, and more.


Easy Web Clipping

Clip articles, web pages, and PDFs to your notebook from your web browser. NoteSuite cleans up page clutter, combines multiple web pages into one article, and saves web pages as searchable notes you can read offline.



Download and Search Documents

Email documents to your notebook, or download them from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. NoteSuite can also search for text inside PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, RTF files, and more.


Organize it Your Way

Organize anything by either folders or tags. Or, have NoteSuite organize things for you automatically by adding a search term to any folder. NoteSuite will then include any files that match your search inside the folder, making it easy to file things automatically.

iPad directory


sync with Mac
Sync with Mac

Just tap one button, and NoteSuite will sync everything in your notebook across devices automatically from that point forward. Because NoteSuite uses iCloud, you don’t have to give up any private information or remember new passwords.


Available Offline

NoteSuite works anywhere, including offline. No subscriptions, extra fees, or Wi-Fi hunting required. NoteSuite keeps a copy of everything on your devices, so it’s safe, private, and always available — today, and in the future.